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Solar Panel Stock questions and answers

What is the Solar Panel Stock website?
>> SolarPanelStock.com is a website for PV professionals where worldwide stock information about solar panels can be found.

Who will supply the stock information?
>> The suppliers will provide the stock information. SolarPanelStock was originally intended only for solar panel manufacturers with stock in their overseas warehouses, but the system is of course also useful for distributors, resellers or other companies providing solar panels.

Is SolarPanelStock.com also a web shop?
>> No, it is not a webshop, only an information platform. The suppliers can be contacted directly.

There are already directories of solar panel suppliers. What is new here?
>> A directory is only a list with information, like a phone book, not really useful. SolarPanelStock.com shows (as much as possible) up-to-date stock information. Especially useful for installers/distributors who need panels urgently.

How do I search?
>> It is very simple to search: supply at least the panel type(s) you need, and in which region you are searching, and click the search button. A list of suppliers with stock in the specified country/region is then listed. Selecting the supplier will list the supplier information and the panel information (type, quantity, data sheet, etc.).

Do I have to register?
>> Only suppliers have to register in order to put their information on the website.

Where is the website running and how can I contact the people of SolarPanelStock.com?
>> SolarPanelStock.com is running in The Netherlands (Europe). You can contact us by e-mail: info@solarpanelstock.com or via the contact form.
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